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Volker Thomas Wunderlich

Volker Thomas Wunderlich

Volker Thomas Wunderlich

Goldkronach, Germany

Calligrapher, painter, teacher

My Calligraphy

I have been interested in calligraphy for many years. For my work in restoration, I had to learn how to write many historic alphabets with a brush. In trompe l´oeil it is often nessecary to write on walls.

Since I met my wife first and I saw her calligraphic works she supports me and now I nearly stopped writing on my own.

I do paintings with organic material, earth, rust, ashes and so on. We often do exhibitions together. I present my paintings and Andrea shows her calligraphic work. So, it is exciting for us and we are really looking for to working together in St. Petersburg.

Author works

“E pluribus unum” (Out of many, one). Wall painting. Created in cooperation with Andrea Wunderlich

Pigments, chalk, marble aggregate, olive soap, woodsticks and brushes for writing, knife for graffito, 300x460 cm, 2008
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Exhibition opens in 1268 days
Words Of Wisdom
For the largest part ill handwriting in the world is caused by hurry.
(Lewis Carroll)