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Viktor Saliev

Viktor Saliev

Viktor Saliev

Rostov-on-Don, Russia



Viktor Saliev was born in 1940. He Received higher technical education, worked at a defense plant as senior engineer, and was also engaged in design consumer goods development.

With the advent of perestroika, providing legal basis for free choice of occupation, Viktor plunged into calligraphic handwritten script studies, mastering lettering flourish techniques, as well as the art of engraving and etching.

Today Viktor works in Rostov-on-Don. His best pieces are posted on his personal website. Some of his works were published in a collection “Russian Calligraphy” (USA) by L.I.Pronenko, Honoured Artist of Russia.

Author works

Family monogram

Brass, hand-made engraving, 21x29.5 cm, 2008

Poems by Pushkin

Hand engraving on brass pre-coated with colored enamel, 29.5x21 cm, 2008

Figure of horse

Bronze, hand-made engraving, 23x19 cm, 2007

"Erotica" Script

Cardboard, gouache, sharp-pointed nib pen, 36x16 cm, 2007

Rynda with Etching

Watch bell, 23*23cm


Font illustration to Pushkin’s poem of the same name. Cardboard, gouache, sharp-pointed nib pen, 28x25 cm, 2006

Family monogram "A.T."

Brass, hand-made mechanic engraving, vintage toned font, 9x5 cm, 2008

Commemorative plaque

Brass, hand-made engraving, 9x5 cm, 2008

The Holy Scriptures

Gouache, coloured felt-tip pens, sharp-pointed nib pens, 44x30 cm, 2008

Glory to God in the highest...

Gouache, coloured felt-tip pens, sharp-pointed nib pens, 29x41 cm, 2009

The Vastness of the Homeland

Pretreated plastic, pointed pen, watercolour, handwriting, ornamental strokes, 30x40 cm , 2014.

The Bird of Wisdom

Paper-cardboard, gouache, handwriting, ornamental strokes, pointed pen, 36x43cm , 2013.
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