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Simonetta Ferrante

Simonetta  Ferrante

Simonetta Ferrante

Milan, Italy

Calligrapher, artist


Received an artistic and musical education.

Upon graduation from art school in 1948 she took up teaching. She obtained a Diploma in Piano at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milano. She studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London and in 1958 obtained a diploma in Graphic Design, Painting, and Drawing.

From 1959 to 1984 she worked in the field of graphic design, consulting companies and publishing houses and in 1971 she became co-director of a studio specializing in product images, packaging, and publishing.

From 1975 onwards she took part in courses in Painting and Drawing in London and in Wales, under the guidance of Dennis Creffield, John Epstein, and Cecil Collins. This experience marked a turning point in her work as an artist. While developing her work as a painter, Simonetta Ferrante “invented” an activity of great professional and human value. She conducted courses on means of visual expression open to all, courses based on rediscovering creativity within. She developed her method, which brings together the teachings of a number of masters. In 1984 she held her first course on drawing and painting. Afterwards this activity became broader and more coordinated as Simonetta Ferrante invited other artists to collaborate with her, and founded the Centro dell’Immagine e dell’Espressione (Centre of Imagery and Expression).

Concluding this experiment in 1994, Simonetta Ferrante returned to studying the subjects that had always fascinated her: form, sign, colour as well as music and calligraphy.

Author works

Mar Absoluto (Absolute Sea)

Etching on copperplate, 34,5x49,5 cm, 2001

Left by the Hand

Etching on copperplate, 31x34 cm, 2006

Left by the Hand

Etching on copperplate, 31x34 cm, 2006

A Black Stone is Meditating

Etching on copperplate, 49x43 cm, 2006
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