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Marina Soria

Marina  Soria

Marina Soria

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Calligrapher, artist, founding member of Calígrafos de la Cruz del Sur

What calligraphy means to me

I have always been deeply seduced by lettersforms since I was a teenager.
Written language is not only a complex system of communication, but the realm of style and form. To express perceptions or sensibilities through syntax, letterform and rhythm represents the most complete of all messages to me.

In the calligraphic arts, I found the way to convey my inner thoughts and reflections about life. My main interest is to mingle and blend diverse disciplines: art, design, sumie-e and calligraphy to challenge the limits of conceptual art and techniques.
But my ultimate thought could be expressed in Sandra R Wagner words: ˝in art lies my sanity˝.
I have devoted a significant portion of my life to art.

Author works

Life, Force. Diptych

Paper, watercolor, broad-nib pen and brushes, 60x100 cm, 2010

In Art Lies My Sanity

Walnut ink & watercolor, brushes on handmade paper by papermaker Andrea Chiocca, 24x32 cm, 2011

Weaving Words

Watercolor and walnut ink on Magnani Bianca paper, 20x70 cm, 2010

Palindrome Diptych

Sumi pastel & watercolor, on Arches hot-pressed paper, antique bus tickets, 47x76 cm, 2009
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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a remedy and mental gymnastics.