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Jaime de Albarracin

Jaime de  Albarracin

Jaime de Albarracin

Lima, Peru

Calligrapher, Painter Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Is it a written art or artistic writing?

The essence of calligraphy is the hand-drawn, sensed line, the imprint or relief on a surface, on a cell phone, movie, or television screen. This imprint conveys ideas, figurative or abstract images, and sentiments. Through the centuries, this imprint created a system of signs that would develop into mankind’s best invention: the alphabet.

With the invention of the alphabet, people could communicate with greater precision. Verba volant, scripta manent. The domain of writing is memory and graphic testimony. Never again will events be erased from memory. Emotions, feelings, passions, desires, commerce, financial accounts, treaties between nations, war and peace… human history will never be forgotten!

Contemporary calligraphy lies between two slopes. On one side is the traditional, “pure” calligraphy, which uses only ink and paper; on the other is digital calligraphy, with its tools of informatics—the scanner, the graphic tablet, and the computer.

Self-taught, I invested six years in practice and personal research to purify my calligraphy, and at the same time I began experimentation with informatics.

Starting with an original work of calligraphy, I can achieve many variations in texture, colour, morphology, scale, etc.

Learning calligraphy is a slow process. Acquiring sufficient dexterity is a question of time and requires a “state of alertness” to know when that moment has arrived. This cumulative experience is engraved in mental and muscle memory and can be evoked to reach the next evolutionary phase.

They say that calligraphy doesn’t lie. This beautiful writing pours forth from the mind, heart, and hand.

A graphic image is the soul’s imprint made by ink and desire. The poet calligrapher continues to move us today as in the past. His expressions and words have remained in their form.

To appreciate calligraphy we evoke the pristine moment of its creation, despite the fact that it is no longer present. This is the magic of writing. Today as thousands of years ago, we do calligraphy.

Expression made word continues to defy time and space.

Author works

No Energy…

Fluid Chinese ink, scanned and digitalized in Photoshop, digital color add, automatic pen, 70x70 cm, 2010

No Energy… (text)

Fluid Chinese ink, automatic pen, paper. 65x50 cm, 2010

Remember Yourself…

Original drawing paper, charcoal illustration digitalized with Photoshop, automatic pen and Pilot Parallel pen, 45x45 cm, 2010

Remember Yourself… (Vellum)

Fluid Chinese ink, automatic pen, paper, 50x35 cm, 2010

The Supreme…

Fluid Chinese ink, scanned and digitalized with Photoshop, automatic pen, and sharp-pointed nib pen, 70x42 cm, 2010

The Supreme… (Vellum)

Fluid Chinese ink, Automatic Pen, paper, 46x70 cm, 2010

Without self…

Arches paper, watercolor, sumi ink liquid and Bokuju vermillion, automatic pen, and sharp-pointed nib pen, 57x77 cm, 2010

Conscious Faith…

Ink over paper, scanned and digitalized in Photoshop, digital color added, Peruvian cane (Calamus) and automatic pen, 50x70 cm, 2010

Conscious Faith… (text)

China sumi ink liquid, Automatic Pen, Pilot Parallel Pen, Paper, 67x52 cm, 2010

Here They Are…

Toned paper, Chinese sumi ink liquid, color pencil, Bokuju ink vermillion, walnut ink, automatic pen, and Speedball Nib C-0, 51x48.5 cm, 2010

Hoy (Today)

Poem by Cristina Solaeche, Venezuela, Photography by the author, broad nib pen, Automatic Pen, Ruling Pen, Five parallel ruling pens, Flexible pen, 2007

Hechicera de Aljibes (Bewitches of Raintank)

The author’s rounded poem and illustration, broad nib pen, Higgins Eternal Ink, size 19 inch, illustration outline felt marker, size:18 cm. Scanned and composed in Photoshop, 67x52cm, 2004

TIYPO logo

The magazine’s spread, published by Letter Arts Review in 2009, flat brush, broad nib pens, Automatic Pen, five parallel ruling pens, flexible sharp-pointed nib pen, 67x52 cm, 2008.

Calligraphy Gestual

Experiment from pen strokes and digitalized in Photoshop size 40x24 cm, 2006

Digital Quixote

Experiment with text from Cervantes’s “Don Quixote” , background, watercolors and walnut Ink, broad nib pen, Art Pen, fountain pen, scanned and digitally composed in Photoshop, 67x52 cm, 2007

Calligraphy Suite

Experiment with texts from letters, Reed Pen, Calamus from Peruvian cane, Ink Stick, scanned and composed in Photoshop, 2008

Agua de Canto ("Stony River" logotype)

Logo for the estate, ink and pen, vectorized in Illustrator software, 30x30 cm, 1997

G.I. Gurdjieff

China sumi ink liquid, Pilot Parallel Pen, paper. 40x23 cm, 2010


Homage to the city of Caracas, Venezuela
Flat brush, Pilot parallel pen, reed pen, walnut ink, pastel paint & colored pencil, 42x29.7 cm, 2012

This way, That way

Poem by Sappho
Watercolor paper. Figure: Sanguine & Charcoal. Title: Walnut ink with watercolor, automatic pen. Text: Japanese ink, Pilot parallel pen. 50x65 cm, 2012

Now while we dance

Poem by Sappho
Diptych on Hahlemuhle black paper. Calligraphy: title - TALENS gouache white, automatic pen; text - vermilion, Schmincke & Speedball nib. C-2. 50.2x65.3 cm (each part), 2012

Now while we dance

Poem by Sappho
Diptych on Hahlemuhle black paper. Calligraphy: title - TALENS gouache white, automatic pen; text - vermilion, Schmincke & Speedball nib. C-2. 50.2x65.3 cm (each part), 2012


Gouache over paper, flat brush, metallic, markers, metallic gouache, 70x46cm original , 2014


Technique: watercolour on paper, Materials and tools: ink colours "Ecoline", Chinese ink sticks, automatic pens and flat brushes. After digitalization a negative colour is added with PSD software, 40.6x29.5, 2014

Om mani padme hum-1

Enamel paints, metallic gouache & Schmincke red, differents wide of flat brushes, 700 x 1000 mm, 2017

Om mani padme hum-2

The calligraphy is vary: unicial, italics, carolingias, metallic ink gouache, talens over black paper. Paper: German hahnemuhle, black. Tools: flat brush, 480 x 617 mm, 2017

Carpe fugit "The time lost"

An fest of different calligraphic alphabet: capital roman, italic carolingias, semi unicials, all are watercolours. Tools: flat brushs. Paper: ingres hahnemuhle cream, 463 x 600 mm, 2017
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