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Izzy Pludwinski

Izzy  Pludwinski

Izzy Pludwinski

Jerusalem, Israel


Greeting Words

In this world of hi tech, where the digitizing of everything is now the norm, it is most welcome to be invited to an exhibition devoted to the simple craft of putting writing instrument to paper and producing something special. Something that has the possibility — both to the artist and the viewer, of inspiring awe.

Working on the computer has its positive side, but one aspect is missing — risk taking. With the simple command of “undo” in our graphics programme, one can go back in time and “take back” the last move. Not so in real calligraphy. There is no going back. One must live in the present and make the best of it. Like a swordsman, one must go forward with confidence and skill — or pay the consequence.

Every culture has taken this craft in a slightly (and sometimes greatly) different direction. For me personally it will be a fascinating experience to interact with both the works of calligraphic art and perhaps more importantly the artists themselves. Seeing and listening to the public′s reaction to the works will be most interesting too. I want to thank you for this unique opportunity.

Author works

Song of Songs (spread)

Limited-edition book, published and designed (including Hebrew font design) by Izzy Pludwinski, with illustrations by Mordechai Beck, 2002.


Mixed media. Giclee print, paper, brush, pen, scanner, 30x20 cm, 2004

Jewish Marital Agreement

Giclee reproduction, gilding. Original: paper, ink, gouache, gold leaf, pen and wooden stick, 50x50 cm, design conceived in 2003

Two Are Better Than One

Giclee reproduction. Original: paper, gouache, brush, 27x58 cm, 2002.

Jewish Marital Agreement

Giclee reproduction, gilding. Original: paper, ink, gouache, gold leaf, pen and brush, 30x78 cm, design conceived in 2000

I Shall Be What I Should Be

Giclee reproduction. Original: paper, ink, brush, 17x26 cm, 2001


Giclee reproduction. Original: masking fluid on torn paper, Sumi ink, walnut ink, gouache, ruling pen, broad edged pen, 32x49 cm, 1999


Giclee reproduction. Original: mixed media, paper, brush, 58x32 cm, 2006

Remember not the sins of my youth…

Black ink, white gouache, brush, 25x110 cm, 2009
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