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Hasan Abu Afash

Hasan  Abu Afash

Hasan Abu Afash

Gaza, Palestine

Calligrapher, designer, typographer

My creativity

Creativity has always provided me with an enjoyable sense of pleasure and accomplishment. This sense has compelled me to generate new ideas, which seem to produce positive responses from professional designers. In this respect, Islamic heritage has been a remarkable source of my inspiration, in addition to other European and American creative works.

I am a Muslim graphic and typographic designer, living in Gaza — Palestine. I live in a terrible situation, bad economy and the roads are always closed. I can’t travel outside Gaza, so my only way to get experience is through the Internet, through which I can contact people by chatting and emails.

I tried to participate in many world exhibitions as I believed that I could learn a lot from the experience of other people.

According to my artwork, they all compound between Digital Art, fonts and some calligraphy words to produce a nice show.

Besides that I am a type designer, I designed many Arabic fonts (You can visit my website:, where I have included some of my fonts specimen.

Author works

I am the Land (Rashid Hussein's poem)

Printout from the electronic form, 21х29cm, 2008

There is no Deity but God

Printout from the electronic form, 25х21cm, 2008

There is no Deity but God. One of Islam`s pillars of faith

Printout from the electronic form, 29х21cm, 2008

If I am ill, He will cure me

A composition in Nastaliq font generated in CorelDraw, 29x29 cm, 2008

There is no place like home

Designed for a social poster “There is no place like home” for Al Quds Bank in square Kufi calligraphy, 40x28 cm, 2008
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Calligraphy — the written beauty of feelings.