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Ganzorig Aleksandr

Ganzorig  Aleksandr

Ganzorig Aleksandr

Ulan-Bator, Mongolia

Calligrapher, designer

Beauty of Calligraphy

There is no concrete definition for the concept “beauty of calligraphy”. It can not be measured or judged. One can only feel it opening his/her soul for the Universe, putting off all the problems and troubles. It is the most possible form of sense which we can not see or take, but it always exists… or not. To feel another beautiful and light Universe means for a human being an ability to relive a second birth, to find himself in a more beautiful world.

Author works

Lip print

Papyrus, Chinese ink, pastel, 55*55cm, 2010.

The Wind

Rice paper, ink, brush, 60x120 cm, 2008.

The Sun of Zambutiv

Rice paper, ink, brush, 68x75 cm, 2008.

The Sky

Rice paper, ink, brush, 63x124 cm, 2008.

The Mountain

Rice paper, ink, brush, 55x124 cm, 2008

The Wind of the Steppe

Rice paper, ink, brush, 110x45 cm, 2008.

The Military Sky

Papyrus, Chinese ink, watercolours, 55*55cm, 2010.
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Words Of Wisdom
For the largest part ill handwriting in the world is caused by hurry.
(Lewis Carroll)