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Claudio Gil

Claudio Gil

Claudio Gil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Calligrapher, calligraphy teacher, designer, graphic artist

Beauty of Calligraphy

The word calligraphy comes from the Greek words “Kallos” that means beautiful, and “Graphos” (gluphein) that means engraved. So it is the beauty engraved. It's the memory of gesture that builds the memory of mankind, the written word.

I’ve had affection for calligraphy since I was a kid.

I see, think and create calligraphy in a simple and organic way. The intense and daily practice and technical control of calligraphy are ruled by my intuition and sensibility. This way gesture is able to translate feelings and give them shape and beauty through calligraphy.

When the letter leaves the word and the word leaves the text they become form, colour, texture, volume, lines, straight, curve and beauty. Free from the frame of the text they express other meanings within the space of the paper. They become the gesture, the breathing and the obsession of the calligrapher.

Making calligraphy allows you to trace different lengths and thicknesses, creating empty and full spaces until they become something organic, like flowers or plant textures. Exploring different alphabets at the same time with two or three colours, with many different types of pens can broaden your possibilities.

With calligraphy you have to begin with a trace, a line, the rest comes along.

Author works

“Agnus Dei”

Cotton fabric, acrylic paint, brush, 160x200 cm, 2010

Type Design

Paper, Indian ink, automatic pen, parallel pencil, 66x96 cm, 2008

Sinequanon. Roman capitals

Rives Design Paper, watercolor and Indian ink, broad-nib pen and chisel, 70x100 cm, 2007

Flora Tundra. "Flora Graphica" collection

Graphite, varnish, Indian ink and calligraphic colour ink, brush and broad nib, 70x100cm, 2007

Flora. "Flora Graphica" collection

Graphite, varnish, Indian ink and calligraphic colour ink, brush and broad-nib pen, 70x100 cm, 2007

Blue G. "Flora Graphica" collection

Paper, Indian ink, gouache, 50x70 cm, 2007

Blue Alphabet. "Flora Graphica" collection

Indian ink, gouache and white ink automatic pen, brush, broad-nib pen and script pen, 50x70 cm, 2007

Alternated Uncial. "Flora Graphica" collection

Silk-screen decoration poster, paper, vinyl gold and black ink, 48x66 cm, 2006

Sketches Album

A set of sketches stitched with a rope, 2008

Sketches Album (5 sheets)

5 sketches of artist’s works, 2008

Sketches Album (53 sheets)

53 sketches of artist’s works, 2008

Hidden Roman

Linen Fabrics, acrilics, broad-nib pen, 65x65 cm, 2011

Lagrafia Engraved

Engraving, paper, 33x48 cm, 2011
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