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Bahman Panahi

Bahman  Panahi

Bahman Panahi

Paris, France

Visual artist / Master Calligrapher

Without you...

Calligraphy has been with me and in me since my childhood. I was born with it. Even before I learned to read and write, the thought of the magic forms and shapes of words and letters excited me, and they still do to this day. I am continually struck by how simple letters can come alive; they transport me into a world of dreams. For me, they are like the notes in music; they help me step into this fantasy world.

Each letter or word has its meaning, emotion and melody; they are the very soul of my creative work.

Rumi, the great Persian poet, is one of my biggest sources of inspiration, with the profound meaning he attached to his choice of words. One of his poem begins: “Without you…. “.

You could write a book about these words alone; they say so much, and yet so little. Or maybe they say nothing, and silence takes over. 

I have lived with those words for so long, always seeking to give them life, or perhaps just to relive them myself.

Author works

"...that which eludes me is my desire". Rumi

Cardboard, mix Persian traditional ink, self-made writing utensil, 65x50 cm, 2010

Wherever I go I meet you

Ink on paperboard 65x50 cm, 2010

There can be no greater madman than I in love

Ink on paperboard, 65x50 cm, 2010

Wherever I go I meet you

Ink on paperboard 65x50 cm, 2010

I am on my guard against you

Ink on paperboard, 65x50 cm, 2010
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Words Of Wisdom
For the largest part ill handwriting in the world is caused by hurry.
(Lewis Carroll)