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Abdul Baki Abu Bakar

Abdul Baki  Abu Bakar

Abdul Baki Abu Bakar

Klang, Malaysia

Islamic calligrapher, Islamic calligraphy professor

History of Malaysian calligraphy

Calligraphy writing in Malaysia originated 700 years ago as evidenced by the stone encountered at Terengganu state and possessing calligraphy writing. The stone named the “Stone Inscription” possesses the first calligraphy carving found in Malaysia. It proves calligraphy had come into existence in Malaysia between 1326 and 1386.

Arabic calligraphy is weightier in Malaysia than Latin calligraphy. This is because the majority of the Malaysian population is Muslim and lives in a consistent atmosphere with al-Quran and with teachings that come from the Middle East.

Calligraphy is applied in building decoration as interior ornamentation, decoration of mosques, signages, books, currency, old manuscripts, etc. Earlier the most used type of calligraphy was nasak and thuluth, followed by diwani, kufi and others.

Author works

The Almighty

Paper, Holbein ink, bamboo, 92х60 cm, 2008


Glossy paper, acrylic color, bamboo, 60х60cm, 2009

Surat Al-Qasas (The Stories), 28 : 77

Art paper, acrylic colors, bamboo, 45х50cm, 2010
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