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Hand-written Scripts, Nikolay Taranov

Hand-written Scripts - online library

The manual tells about the historical script forms. There are given practical recommendations in creating new hand-written scripts and mastering different tools for writing. The book is intended for students of polygraphic and artistic Institutes. History and practice of writing the hand-written scripts. Much attention in the manual is devoted to the studying of Latin hand-written scripts and their translations on Russian, and also to the changes that influenced the Cyrillic graphics of the Xth-XVIIIth centuries and became apparent in different kinds of Cyrillic writing – ustav, semi-ustav, cursive writing, etc. Chapters of the book: Peculiarities in working with the wide pen; Latin writing; From the history of the origin of writing; formation and development of Roman scripts; Capital square script; Rustic writing; Uncial writing; Half-Uncial writing; Early medieval scripts; Carolingian minuscule; Gothic writing; Texture; Bastarda; Rotunda; Schwabacher; Fraktura; Renaissance scripts; Humanist script; Humanist cursive.

Nikolay Taranov is a participant of International Calligraphic Exhibition. Watch his works here.

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