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We get used to things surrounding us. They become common details of the environment, but if one imagine their absence for a while it is obvious how essential they are.

Pens became articles of daily necessity long ago. Despite phone numbers are easy to input in electronic phone book of every cell phone, letters re typed with a key-note and sent through e-mail, pen is no doubt a living essential.

Pens can be an element of prestige, but firstly they do their “writing job” .

Pens are fountain, biro, capillary, engineering, gel, marker-type... Besides, biro and gel pens  may have erasable inks on the other side of the pen. They were popular from early 1980-s till  1990-s, however, then due to low quality, abstract employment sphere and some other factors almost fell into disuse. They have been produced in blue, black and red inks.

If we turn to history we’ll see that writing pens were used in ancient times from around 3000 B.C., when they were carved from cane culm. English “pen” derives from Latin “penna” (bird feather). Goose feathers were widely used and from VI B.C. many civilizations used feathers for more than thousand years.  Feathers of swans, turkey-cocks and gooses made up for the best ones due to the fact that the wings of these birds boast the largest feathers.

Invention of fountain-pens dates to XIX century : L.E. Waterman elaborated capillary system for them in 1883. Century later Hungarian journalist  Laszlo Biro accounting on the latest methods of producing ball-bearing for machines and guns, added a ball-mechanism to restrictors. Thus biro pen was born. In 1960 Tokyo firm Pentel became the first in the world to produce felt-pen.

Nowadays diversity of pens is beyond imagination. Every year on the market appear new interesting variants.

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Man′s beauty is in the beauty of his writing.