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Writer’s behavior code

Graffiti - calligraphy
  • Writer is firstly a person, and only than writer.
  • Estimate one’s work without prejudice.
  • Everyone can have one’s own opinion including estimation of writer’s work.
  • It is essential to obey social standards.
  • Remember about the collective, if you work in a group.
  • It is forbidden to write on the historical monuments, houses of cultural value as well as memorial walls and desks.
  • Don’t impose your art taste on people, especially in writings on living houses and cars.
  • Clean the place after finishing work.
  • Develop constantly, increase level of your culture.
  • Writer must not forget about honor and must love his work.
  • It is prohibited to write on other writings and names of other writers.
  • Don’t spoil people’s writings.
  • Writer’s mission is to color ordinary world.
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Calligraphy — the written beauty of feelings.