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Signature: psychological interpretation

Signature: psychological interpretation

The antiquity were trying to understand the human character through his handwriting. This fact is proved in many historical documents.

Specialists say that it is not a hand that writes – but it is the brain. The graphology is based on motor skills, psychology, psychics and physiology. Handwriting and signature can reveal the emotional state of the writer, his personality, gender, age and state of health. The handwriting is formed during the first twenty years and stays unchanged during the whole life. A normal personality is not subject to frequent changes, that is why if the handwriting is changed that means was influenced by mood changes and temporary factors. The graphologic analysis shows the emotional-conative and personality qualities. Some mental diseases greatly change the handwriting.

Very often the graphology is called a pseudoscience or pseudopsychology referring to its subjectivism. In many ways graphology is a kind of art, and it crosses the physiognomy, chiromancy, phrenology and numerology. They say these sciences only preceded the serious psychological diagnostics. So, what is ascience and namely the scientific approach. First of all, it presupposes systematization of knowledge, a system of rules. The result of a graphological analysis mainly depends on the experience of scientist.

Many researchers of graphology recommend to start with analyzing the whole manuscript, and then turn to handwriting. Then go the details to analyze: slope of lettering, width and size of letters, margins size, intensity, speed, small details and peculiarities. In the early beginning the general idea was that a personality could be analyzed by separate parts of text. Later, graphologists began to study the handwriting collectively with all the features and peculiarities. So, a graphologist tries to select some definite regularities of handwriting and draw a conclusion on this basis.

We couldn’t but mention the handwriting comparison used in legal psychology and criminal science. This method compares a man’s handwriting with the samples which allow identifying the personality with the definite man or criminal.

Today we mainly type on computer, rather then write with our hand. That is why many employers ask the candidates to write their resume by hand, for they could analyze the personality. Very often in business only a signature may became an opportunity to make a graphological analysis. From this point of view businessmen usually make their signatures very complicated. In their signatures they strengthen such psychological traits which will be the most advantageous for their business activity.

Nowadays, graphology is a real support for psychologists and psychiatrists.

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