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Psychographology, I.Morganstern

Psychographology - library

One of the most renown books taken out of  Russian libraries after October Revolution possessed characteristics on famous revolutionaries, writers , tzars, state officials  and other historic personages.

Book written by popular psychographologist I. Morganstern  tells about history of graphology, provides graphology description of hundreds hands. Reader will learn how hand reflects man  psychological and physical features, the way hand changes as time passes, will learn how to identify one’s own conceived talents.  The book provides  patterns  of hands of emperors and criminals, generals and writers, genius and crazy.

Psychographology analyses of such renown historical  persons  as  Peter I, Ekaterina II, Napoleon, B. Godunov, E.Pugachov, A.Pushkin, F.Dostoevsky, F.Nietzsche and others attracts special attention.

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