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Chinese calligraphy encyclopedia, Ya Ming, Catie Ho

Chinese calligraphy encyclopedia - Library

This wonderful book tells You about ancient art of Chinese calligraphy. Characters with deep meaning, reflect thousands thoughts and emotions and can decorate everything. Sophisticated signs of Chinese calligraphy can be implemented in various art projects, art-craft , as well as in design of rooms. The book offers over 300 characters to learn.

Characters are united in sections according to the subject: seasons, Chinese horoscopes, congratulations on holidays, requests, love and meditation, blessings, painting of flowers еtc.

Every meaning of the sign is explained and illustrated instructions on the order of writing are provided as well. It makes beginners easy to copy each character.

The book has advice on materials, instruments and technologies.

2007, 256 pages , ill.

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Words Of Wisdom
Calligraphy is a remedy and mental gymnastics.