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Calligraphy: Easel-Does-It, Ouchida-Howells, Nancy

Calligraphy: Easel-Does-It - online library

Using an innovative photographic method of displaying movement on the page that shows whole sequences of movement rather than step-by-step highlights, Calligraphy: Easel-Does-It makes understanding, learning and mastering the skills involved in creating illuminated text easier and more enjoyable than ever.The flip-over, easel style format also means that its 8 projects can easily be mounted for viewing while you practice. The projects are designed to develop a range of styles, including Gothic, Renaissance, Celtic, Romanesque and Modern Revival. Within each project, a technique is introduced and its usage explained; then step-by-step pictures and captions guide the reader through every stroke. All of the materials and equipment needed for each project are listed within the project. A Gallery section provides inspiration for the beginning calligrapher and demonstrates, through examples by professional calligraphers, the range of effects that can be achieved.

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Exhibition opens in 1183 days
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