A New Participant from India – Manohar Desai

Manohar Desai is a calligrapher, designer and artist, participant of many art exhibitions. His works are kept in private collections in India, USA, Switzerland, Canada, and Israel.

A New Participant from India – Manohar Desai Manohar Desai

What is the use of calligraphy in the age of high technologies? Here is what Manohar says:

”The age of digital technologies has automated everything in human life. With voice recognition programs one can transform thoughts into a text just pronouncing them out loud. However, when you want to express the most cherished thoughts and feelings you will fully realize what the tough frameworks of a printed text are. And if you just take a pen and handwrite a couple of lines, be sure that your message will touch the deepest cords of your addressee’s heart.”

A New Participant from India – Manohar Desai Artwork by Manohar Desai

In September Mr. Desai was a guest visitor of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy in St. Petersburg. It is when that he decided to participate in the project. Moreover, Manohar Desai found it possible to come to Moscow to participate in the Mystery of the World Calligraphy project. The visitors will be able to see how the master of Indian calligraphy works. We also advise you to study his research on the history of Indian calligraphy.

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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