World calligraphy

World calligraphy

Calligraphy is an art making us to enjoy a text written in a foreign language.

Hieroglyphs of a Japanese master, ornate lettering of a French calligrapher, strict scripts of an American – they all are so different, but at the same time they are known to be calligraphic treasures.

Sometimes we do not understand what is written on a paper. However calligraphy always helps us to grasp the general sense of a text: if it tells about love or hatred.

Letters, standing on one line, or falling one on another, or dancing, or even marching one after another, can tell us about something. And even if we do not speak their languages we are still able to understand the language of art and dance. These are that very universal means of communication due to which people from all over the world enjoy the same things.

Calligraphy may become a reason for starting studying culture of this or that country. One can learn a foreign language in order to grasp at least the major part of what the author wanted to tell about. And one should not miss the chance of traveling into the inner world of a master.

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