Signature, autograph, graphology

Pushkin - signature

We often treat our signatures as “trifles” and do not take trouble to make it difficult to copy. And we never notice the interconnection between the signature changes and changes in our life. Our signatures invented in youth “lives” on official and non-official documents. Should we treat that light-mindedly?

Just like our voice and finger prints, our handwriting is unique. Every letter we write can not be copied. It is the basic law of calligraphy. The signature becomes the sign of graphic self-actualization both in legal and psychological aspects.

Graphology and handwriting studies are often considered to be the same disciplines, whereas the two notions are completely different. Graphology is more mystical, so to say; its main aim is to define one’s character through one’s handwriting. Handwriting studies are aimed at matching the existing handwriting samples to establish the authorship.

As we said, signatures may reveal the individual psychological characteristics. A qualified expert can tell them basing on the letter specifics, intervals, letter sloping and other details.

Our signature changes throughout our life depending on changing times, events of our lives and our mood. It would be exciting to trace the changes in Bonaparte’s signature throughout his life. And the changes a person is undertaking after changing his signature.

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