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Reading is a popular hobby. Love for literature is typical for the Russians: in the Soviet period the USSR was said to be the country of “the most reading” in the world. Even when the books were difficult to buy, they were passed from hand to hand, and people attended the libraries and reference rooms just to read an interesting magazine or edition.

Little has changed since then. People are still buying books, textbooks and attending libraries. However, due to IT progress, the invention of pocket PCs and smartphones, printed books transformed into on-line versions. A pocket PC’s memory can store numerous on-line books which can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet or local network. It is really convenient: for one does not need to carry heavy books with him. However, some people still prefer to read printed books, but it is only a matter of taste.

Therefore, on-line books require on-line libraries. The searching system can rapidly find the needed book and any citation from it.

Demand determines the supply. Books on calligraphy are not an exception either: There are some rare editions which are difficult to buy, whereas their on-line version and information can be found on the Internet. This site contains references to the books on calligraphy and typography which can be interesting for professionals and all the concerned.

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