Fine Calligraphy Artist

Fine Calligraphy Artist

A world-renowned master of fine calligraphy, a truly elegant calligraphy, has recently consented to join the International Exhibition of Calligraphy.

Barbara Calzolari was born in Bologna, Italy, in a family where art and love of the beautiful reigned supreme. Barbara’s father created elegant pieces of furniture art, and the whole Italy loved her mother’s haute cuisine.

After graduating from the ENALC School of Commercial Art in Bologna Barbara was offered a nice chance to work in the fashion world. Her letter-laces were for a long time a zest of Daniele di Montezemolo and Ferrante Gonzaga collections. Gaining popularity Barbara met Pat Blair — the current calligrapher for the White House. After such a pivotal moment in her life Barbara decided to completely and entirely devote herself to the mysterious world of calligraphy.

Barbara’s name is on everyone’s lips, she teaches at the prestigious IAMPETH School in Nashville… gets commissions from famous political leaders and writes and at the moment she is decorating a special book for Pope Benedictus XVI. What a surging success!

Fine Calligraphy Artist

But consider this just a beginning, because recently Barbara has become the official calligrapher of the G8 summit in Aquila, designing and illuminating G8 countries’ national anthems, including the handwritten copy of the National Anthem of the Russian Federation for President Medvedev. The main text for this high present was written by our participant Yevgeny Drobyazin.

Fine Calligraphy Artist Yevgeny Drobyazin
Fine Calligraphy Artist

And now we have the calligraphy star — Barbara Calzolari — in our project! Follow further developments!

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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