Works of the students

Sabina Aliyarova (designer)

Ivan Velansky 
(student of the Department of Easel and Book Graphics of St.Petersburg State Academy of Decorative and Applied Art and Design)

Maria Pandelli

Anna Platunova

Maria Ivanova

Olga Varlamova

Anna Ogarkova

Vera Chesnokova

Anna Zrelova

Vera Spiridonova

My Calligraphy (testimonials and feedbacks)

Dina Abdullova
(student of the Department of Art Criticism and Culturology of St.Petersburg State Academy of Decorative and Applied Art and Design )

Calligraphy is the art of harmonious and beautiful writing. Oriental people believe that calligraphy is a way to self-improvement of a human being. Calligraphy makes a human being well-disciplined and better organized, enabling them to develop the undisclosed qualities and abilities of one’s personality. Calligraphy studies discover the entirely new space of harmoniously arranged lines, signs, letter images.

It is something that accompanies us every day, even if we are not acquainted with it, and even if we don’t write letters – but it exists in our conscience, because our life is calligraphy.
We create our life, we write each day into it. And our inner harmony, the composition of our life, depends on whether we do that moderately or crazily, in a big way or quietly, sweetly or bitterly.
Perhaps if people had time to stop just for 15 minutes a day to practice calligraphy, the life on the entire planet would become calmer, more reasonable, more harmonious and brighter!
Life! We have habits, they are usually pernicious habits.
It is a pity, but a harmonious script can be hardly met even in a book store. A good book is a rare thing, and a book with a good font and nice illustrations is almost impossible.
Calligraphy is in itself an illustration. A neat beautiful letter can decorate any book and fill it with meaning.
A book is a luxury. In Europe, in the 18-19 centuries, a book was a symbol of prosperity and was a home decoration.
I hope that a new fashion will only deepen the beautiful art of calligraphy.

Maria Pandelli (Mefodieva)

I must note my acquaintance with the font started at the same time as I began to professionally practice drawing. Therefore, practicing this subject was extremely useful and important to me because calligraphy brings out not only creative abilities but also attention, industry and careful attitude to work. But for these qualities, one cannot achieve success, and complexity of font only contributes to development of perseverance. Therefore, I believe that font studying and calligraphy practice make the best contribution to education of a graphic artist.

Everything I have managed to do over the years of font studying - studying of the most diverse types and their independent reproduction, creation of font compositions, practice in calligraphy – not only provided me with greater knowledge and skills but also helped discover new opportunities when my willingness became stronger as I worked. I believe this science, with its complexity that takes much effort, attentiveness and conscientiousness may be one of the most valuable one for upbringing the creativity that contributes not only to development of knowledge but also promotes love for the art. For me, it has never been to the detriment to other subjects but, on the contrary, consolidated both the experience and the willingness to draw for them.

L. Cherkesova

I have noticed that when I do my calligraphic studies, warm and bright thoughts spring up in my mind, I feel like singing, creating and living!




羊皮纸,墨水,金箔,羽毛,45.5x59.5厘米,2008 年


中国纸,棕色墨水,金,丙烯酸,20x55 厘米,2007 年






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