Form and Colour

Form is also colour.
And colour is also form.
No colour, no form.
No form, no colour.

If you bring paint to paper, it will be confined by a form.
If you bring a form to paper, it will be born only with colour.

The easiest way: black on white.
The unusual way: white on black.

From white to black is the way from living in this world to go away from living in this world.
White is coming from the other side of living. Black is going to the other side.

A white form on a black paper is like a newborn child trying to come into life.
Words written with white paint on black paper are looking for an answer, for coming in contact with the world and the reader in a very pleasant way.
When you hear or read, you can answer in yellow or red or blue. No need to answer in black.
When you answer in black on a white paper, your words are absolute. After the black nothing comes in this world. You go to a confrontation with black words. You can only answer with black words when you want to answer on the same level.

If you postulate, what to say, in blue everything will be possible to answer in a well done communication: yellow for bringing light in your answer, red for a powerful answer or also blue for being agree.

Knowing colour theories is helpful. But only knowing them is not enough. Feeling them is the way.
For a calligrapher the form is in the centre. For a painter the colour is in front. Great artist can manage both of them in an excellent work.

But anyway: only with colour we can make forms visible - and colour can only appear in a form.



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距开幕只剩 1360 days