Chen Wen-Fu

Chen Wen-Fu

A few words about strong feelings 

St. Petersburg in September with its golden leaves is very beautiful, so that people could have the feeling of a spring mood. During this awesome time of year I had a chance to take part in the “International exhibition of calligraphy”. Experts in calligraphy, coming from different countries and regions to the exhibition were demonstrating their achievements in this sphere and could have an opportunity to exchange their experience with others. I personally got a lot of useful information for my development as a calligrapher from participation in this exhibition.

Visitors were very attentively studying the exposition, discussing, expressing their own points of view, taking pictures and videos of the exponents that were the most admirable and remarkable to their mind. So, the most promising prediction of the exhibition organizers’ came true. Moreover, numerous schoolchildren visiting the exhibition filled this place with joy, happiness and admiration! These small faces with curious looks that were listening attentively to the guide’s every single word are the future generation of Russian calligraphers…

Your heart can’t stop beating with excitement when you observe with your own eyes how calligraphy was born. To tell the truth, even before the exhibition came to its end I knew already that I would take part in the next calligraphy exhibition. To express my feelings, I wrote a few words:

Petersburg was the first exhibition of international calligraphy,
Great hopes for a calligraphy renaissance,
Petersburg is charming in golden autumn with its blooming flowers

Wondrous Flowers are blooming in the cathedral of calligraphy
These flowers painted the cathedral in colours of various shades:

Calligraphy is full of different styles; each of them is a unique one,
The door is open to a precious museum.

Thanks to the human wisdom and vision which initiated the exhibition, Russian culture should be enriched:

The Art of calligraphy is coming from the bottom of a heart
It’s foreseen from century to century.

Sorry for my modest poetic talent. With these words I only wanted to express my feelings that are overwhelming my soul. In China people treat their traditions with care, I hope, in Russia people will always remember their own traditions.

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