The art of calligraphy presented at federal TV-channels

In its new season, the Kultura (Culture) TV channel develops a new original concept of decorating intra-program intervals. This idea is brought to you by Yelena Kitayeva, a TEFI academician, the channel’s chief designer.

The art of calligraphy presented at federal TV-channels Elena Kitaeva

Due to successful implementation of all aspects of the International Exhibition of Calligraphy project calligraphy is gaining popularity. This time the new channel design worked out by the famous TV designer will be inspired by calligraphy. In late August Georgy Kozubov, professor, a Moscow calligrapher, one of the project participants, starred in an episode about the intricacies of the art of beautiful handwriting that was shot at the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. From now on, the audience of the Kultura (Culture) TV-channel will enjoy the ancient art.

Besides, Yelena Kitayeva expressed desire to continue cooperation with the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in creating new TV projects.

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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