Belarusians are ready to go into action!

On March 15-16, Sokolniki MEC’s representatives held negotiations with a number of calligraphy, graphics and visual arts experts in Minsk within the framework of the preparations for the International Exhibition of Calligraphy project.

Professor Pavel Semchenko, a reputed Belarusian calligrapher, active participant of the project, gave us a warm welcome and told about his vision of the project and its exposition. The master shared his thoughts and ideas about the exposition arrangement and let us watch him making a work of art for the project’s exposition, which is scheduled for September 16-21, Saint Petersburg.

Павел Афанасьевич СемченкоPavel Semchenko

Mr. Semchenko presented his colleagues and students who will also take part in the project representing the Republic of Belarus. Here they are:

  • Gennady Matsur
  • Yuri Toreyev
  • Ruslan Nayden
  • Vsevolod Sventokhovsky

Belarusians are ready to go into action! Belarusians are ready to go into action!

Project organizers also met with Ales Los, a representative of the Belarus calligraphy school, painter, musician and folklore researcher. Ales Los was a student of Pavel Semchenko. He produces special paper, which would be a valuable contribution to the project’s exposition. He said that he could organize a special stand at the exhibition for everyone to try to produce paper and create calligraphy.

During the meeting, the project organizers obtained contact information on the archive specialists, art experts, and philologists who wish to support the project.

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