Zhou Dongfen

Zhou Dongfen

Zhou Dongfen


Calligrapher, Professor


Professor Zhou Dong Feng, born in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province.


Representative of the Chinese Democratic League and Jiangyin People's Political Advisor Counsel.

Graduate of the 9th order of calligraphy postgraduates, Chinese Academy of Arts.

Guest calligraphy teacher at Peking University.

Honoured professor of the Teachers’ University in Jiangxi.

Calligraphy professor at Yenching Academy, Peking University.

Professor of sinology and calligraphy at Peking University.

Calligraphy teacher at Stanford Center at Peking University.

Member of the Central Authorities Association of Calligraphers.

Board member of the Academy of Calligraphy and Arts in Shanxi.

Lead teacher of the Association of Calligraphy and Fine Arts at Yenching Academy, Peking University.

Expert in calligraphy testing for higher level students in the Chinese Association of Calligraphers.

Member of the Chinese Society of Photographers.

Track record (exhibitions, publications):


Studying Calligraphy Through Triple Foot Poems by Cheng Yu Zhui, calligraphy by Zhou Dong Feng, kaishu inscriptions.

An Exclusive Collection of Works by Guest Calligraphy Teacher at Peking University Zhou Dong Feng, edition by Wang Yue Chuan.

Jia Lin’s Essays about Fifty Poems, by scholar and writer Mrs. E Jiaying, calligraphy by Zhou Dong Feng, kaishu inscriptions.

A Long Motherland's Song, by Mrs. E Jiaying, calligraphy by Zhou Dong Feng, xingshu inscriptions.


True Sincerity Can Break Metal and Stones

Рaper, ink, brush, 345х460 mm, 2017

Faith that moves mountains

Рaper, ink, brush, 340х460 mm, 2017
距开幕只剩 1385 days