Yaroslav Kostyuk

Yaroslav Kostyuk

Yaroslav Kostyuk

Moscow, Russia

Collector, researcher, publisher, member of the National Union of Bibliophiles, the Moscow Club Of Miniature Books , and the International Society of Miniature Books .


Yaroslav Kostyuk was Born on October 2nd, 1955 in Magadan. He graduated the Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute in mechanical engineering; worked as an engineer and an investigator of space engineering. Now he is a housekeeper. He lives in Moscow.

His personal library includes approximately 6,000 books, including 3,800 miniature (no bigger than 100 mm) and micro (up to 10 mm) books.

His main focus of research is the history of micro and miniature books in Russia and abroad, the history of miniature book fan clubs and communities.

He is an author of over 80 articles published in both the Russian press (Book View, Exlibris NG, Polygraphic worker and Publisher, Bibliophile, Russian Bibliophiles, Almanac of A Bibliophile, Bibliophile News, Counter Play News of Cosmonautics, Russian Space etc.) and in specialized international magazines (the United Kingdom, Germany, the USA, Poland and Taiwan).

He is a member of book exhibitions in Russia and abroad (15 countries) with the individual expositions of miniature books and a personal bookmark . He delivers lectures in cultural institutions (libraries, museums) and also in educational institutions (schools, technical schools, colleges and universities) in order to promote books, book art and Russian culture. He is a participant of The Miniature Book Society, international congresses of miniature books collectors held in Germany, the USA, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

He took part in the production of 7 miniature books as an author, composer and editor.

His library features 4 bookplates (the artists are: A. Kalashnikov, N. Kalita, G. Grak and S. Kulmeshkenov).


Canon, Troparion

50×80 mm, handwritten, unknown author, 1801-1825. Text is in Kirillitsa /Old Slavic.

Church Calendar

55×82 mm, handwritten, unknown author, 1832. Text is in Kirillitsa /Old Slavic.

T. Mavrina «Fairy Alphabet»

115×90 mm, Moscow, «Goznak», 1969. Printed copy of a handwritten text of the artist T.Mavrina.

Ivan Fedorov «The Alphabet»

52×80 mm, Moscow, "Prosveshchenie", 1977. Fragment of a facsimile edition of 1574.

I. Levochkin "Initials of the XIth - XVIth centuries"

62×94 mm, Moscow, «Kniga», 1983

V. Kamensky. "Life is Difficult"

44×44 mm, Publishing House of Perm, 1984. Printed copy of a handwritten text of the artist V.Vagin.

Kozma Prutkov. Fruits of Reflection. Thoughts and Aphorisms

55×75 mm, Perm, 1987. Printed copy of a handwritten text of the artist V.Vagin.

A. Pushkin. "Winter Evening"

94×97 mm, SPb, Mikhaylovskoe, Petrovskoe, 1992. Printed copy of a handwritten text of the artist E. Nasibulin.

V. Khudoley. "About Yuriy Nozdrin, his painting, graphics, calligraphy and bookplates, unique books and playing cards"

49×69 mm, St.-Petersburg Miniature Book-Club, 2005. Fragment of a handwritten text of the artist Y. Nozdrin.

V. Khudoley. "The Whole Life – NO PARKING!"

80×95 mm, Moscow, NONPAREIL, 2005. In Russian and English, fragment of a handwritten text of the artist Y. Nozdrin.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation

53×76 mm, Moscow, 2008. Printed copy of a handwritten text of the artist P. Chobitko.
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