Shutin Konstantin

Shutin Konstantin

Shutin Konstantin

Neryungri, Russia

Calligrapher, free artist


He graduated from the Krasnoyarsk State Technical University. He writes poetry; he is the winner of the republican festival of art song ‘The Coast of Friendship’, and the chairman of the Neryungrinsk Literary Society. He participates in urban thematic exhibitions. His works are in private collections.


Life is Short, Art is Eternal

Paper, ink, pencil, 61x43 m, 2014

Tales of the Russian Land

Paper, ink, pencil, 36x55cm, 2014.

The Word is Wind, the Brush is Trace

Paper, ink, brush, 610×430 mm, 2016

As the Spoken Word Vanishes, the Written Letter Remains

Paper, ink, nib, 610×380 mm, 2016
距开幕只剩 1385 days