Natalya Bakke and Nina Kozubova

Natalya  Bakke and Nina Kozubova

Natalya Bakke and Nina Kozubova

Reno, USA; Moscow, Russia

Calligraphers, graphic artists

Attitude to the International Calligraphy Exhibition Project

The International Calligraphy Exhibition Project creates strong pre-requisites for the long-awaited impetus in the development of modern Russian calligraphy. In the aftermath of the new energy engendered by the idea of this project, the processes of mastering calligraphic art, studying of the being forgotten experience of outstanding Russian and international artists who worked in the field of calligraphy, book art and graphic art in general are updated and intensified. As a result, we get a new understanding of this high art.

Also conditions are created for healthy competition among artists working in calligraphy, which is sure to improve the artistic quality of their work, and hopefully, such masterpieces of this art that will always be admired by future generations as we awe at the unrivaled calligraphy examples of past centuries now will appear in the near future.


Wedding cards

Paper, ink, English nib Osmiroid, 10x13 cm, 2009

A calligraphic composition – Dedication

Paper, brush, 47х76 cm, 2005

Calligraphy composition “Union”

Writing paper, watercolor, sharp-pointed nib pen, authors technique, 34x9,5 cm, 2008

Table cards for the restaurant chain "Murietta`s"

Paper, ink, pen, round-nibbed brushes, acryl, digital page planning, 2008
距开幕只剩 1328 days