穆卡尔 •穆罕默德•阿斯卡尔

穆卡尔 •穆罕默德•阿斯卡尔

穆卡尔 •穆罕默德•阿斯卡尔

巴基斯坦 奥卡拉


Beauty of calligraphy

Calligraphy is a sublime art in which a man expresses his inner feelings of aesthetic sense. Through this art the words are balanced in a specific order, and composition is beautified keeping in view the classical aspects of calligraphy.

It is a great source of inspiration and expression of spiritual and aesthetic sense in a profound way.

The great countries like Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and many other countries worked for the up lifting of calligraphy.

The classical calligraphists enriched it and made it beautiful. Mosques, shrines and different buildings were decorated with calligraphy. Through calligraphy, Sadqain, Yousaf Suddedi and Khurshid Alam Gohar earned name and fame.

They studied and made new horizons in calligraphy. Everyone seeing a Quranic work feels spiritual uplift in thoughts.

Calligraphers are tributed much throughout the world.
In Islamic countries, calligraphy is a particular aspect of culture and civilization.
All Muslims use it to recognize their identities.

No doubt, calligraphy has enlightened the Muslims as well as world heritage. Calligraphy is the base of expressionism.

People use it for title pages of books and many other art works.
From the very beginning a child is stressed to write more and to understand more language and to learn the day today needs.
No doubt, calligraphy is a sober and sublime work of art and it has beautified cultural heritage.



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古兰经文 安拉的祝福

独创技术 麻布、油彩、锌、混合漆、刀子 60x46厘米 2010 年

古兰经文 安拉的祝福

独创技术 麻布、油彩、锌、混合漆、刀子 60x46厘米 2010 年


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