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My Personal Understanding of Calligraphy

CALLIGRAPHY is not only the art of beautiful writing but an indicator of spiritual, moral and cultural development of the community. No wonder that the International Calligraphy Exhibition opens up now, in the period of the post-perestroika upswing in Russia. I am glad that this project, the vector of which is directed at spiritual improvement of the community, exists.

Calligraphy is Creativity.

It is for ages that people sought not only to state their thoughts in writing but to do it beautifully.

I remember my distant childhood when we drew letters with a fountain pen during calligraphy lessons with rapture. Of course, a schoolchild’s letters diligently drawn with a fountain pen are not yet calligraphy, but the reasonable seed of love for a beautiful letter was sown. A beautiful letter gives birth to a comprehensive, beautiful Word, which awakens a human soul that can create the Good.

It is difficult to imagine a templar, folk, decorative and applied art without an exquisitely beautiful ligature of words that cozily stationed themselves on the surface of works of art and utilitarian items. It fills them with sense and directs a creator and a reader to new creative actions.

Calligraphy is not only the art of beautiful writing – it is the past, present and future. A skillfully designed message used to shape and is shaping the attitude to what is written. This is the indicator of the spiritual, moral and cultural development of the community. The absence of elemental skills of beautiful and literate writing testifies to cultural deterioration.

A man has been unnoticeably barred from handwriting on paper, under the pressure of computer technologies. The problems of beautiful and literate writing became obvious. Where is the outcome? Life experience prompts: one should start from school. It is at school that the foundation of love for beautiful writing, a beautiful book, to art is laid down. It is there that the spirituality of a Russian national takes shape.


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