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Thoughts about calligraphy

“A human being is the reflection of life radiating
light and love in all the directions one finds himself…
Humanity is not a physical characteristic, but a spiritual aim.
It is not what we are given, but what we have to accomplish…”
Richard Bach

In my opinion, calligraphy is not merely an art of beautiful handwriting but something more significant. Your true Self is buried somewhere deeply inside your subconscious mind. It is the cell, a part of the whole referred to as Macrocosm, the essence of individuality. The majority of people never manage to approve their inner Selves. The problem is that a human being usually cannot resist the negative influences of the environment. Unfortunately, the world often carries the burden of violence, willpower, selfishness and fear. This is not a healthy world. The society aggressively influences your true Self via mass media, ideology, religion and politics. As a result a human is not able to act and think independently.

Calligraphy helps to realize the individuality of one’s personality, encourages thinking and analyzing, improves the character and strong will and reveals the immense creative potential of every person.

Everything in the world consists of vibrations and waves. A human taking a pen or brush is consciously leaving a trace on paper. But it is not a kind of trace a ball pen can leave, but a living, pulsating and calligraphic trace. Whatever line an instrument leaves is subject to the unique harmonic law of vibration. Doing the exercises or executing a text, a calligrapher comes in resonance with the environment and its cosmic laws. A personality heals the soul and comes into psychological balance.

When one tries to create something new on paper, one thinks about the composition, harmonic image and rhythm, thus trying to make something beautiful. That is how one develops the sense of harmony and beauty. The sense prevents one from aggression and depression, irritation, makes one calm and well-balanced. Such mind is like a magnet drawing new ideas and concepts, encouraging creative forces.



彩色墨水、笔 57х63厘米 2008年


纸、彩色墨水、笔 53.7х49.5厘米 2008年


手工纸、油笔、克里米亚黑海水中制作 42х54厘米 2010年


纸、墨水、笔、蚀刻技术 53х73厘米 2014年
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