Abdul Baki Abu Bakar

Abdul Baki  Abu Bakar

Abdul Baki Abu Bakar

Klang, Malaysia

Islamic calligrapher, Islamic calligraphy professor

Beauty of Arabic calligraphy

The beauty of Arabic calligraphy is to understand the movement of a calligrapher’s hand, how his writing is overlapping on to each other and the flows and movement are almost consistent. There are various types of Arabic calligraphy. For instance, thulus is one of the types of Arabic calligraphy. It can be transformed into various shapes and sizes which only a master of calligraphy can do. Calligraphy of one master slightly differs from that of some other artist. It also depends on how people see beauty, for instance in an Arabic calligraphy exhibition some people may wonder “How can a man write this?” Or may be it’s an Angel that wrote the calligraphy. The fact is Arabic calligraphy is one hundred percent free hand writing.

Arabic calligraphy is said to exercise one’s arm, hand as well as fingers, it can also refresh and relax the mind. It gives Health.


The Almighty

Paper, Holbein ink, bamboo, 92х60 cm, 2008


Glossy paper, acrylic color, bamboo, 60х60cm, 2009

Surat Al-Qasas (The Stories), 28 : 77

Art paper, acrylic colors, bamboo, 45х50cm, 2010
距开幕只剩 1326 days