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First book on graphology was written by Italian professor of graphology Camillo Baldo and was published long ago in 1622. Word “graphology” was introduced later. It was invented by abbot Misheon, student of Flandren, his book System of graphology was published in 1872 . Since then books on graphology began publishing in large quantities.

Independently of public opinion on hand writing as quackery or a clue to human personality books were written, published and what’s more important successfully sold . If you look in the corresponding section you’ll know Suvorov’s courage is reflected with that stroke, while this smooth line testimonies to sensibility of Emperor Alexander III (without any hint on character’s weakness!). Nowadays with electronic communication devices, it’s easier to satisfy interest. One doesn’t need to ask friends or to go to book stores just turn to your electronic library and look for recommendations of most renown graphologists.

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