The Art of Calligraphic Script, Nikolai Taranov

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Nikolai Taranov - Doctor of Education, Candidate of art history, professor, member of Union of Russian artists.

He is the author of five education books on the fonts, among them the main are “Written font” (Lvov, 1986), “Art of the written script” (Moscow, 1989), “Script and image” (Moscow, 1991).

The book touches upon the peculiarities of various font types and broad-nib pen techniques, and gives the review of the main historic forms of Latin and Cyrillic fonts. The book provides the recommendations on instruments preparation and usage of materials, work of the round-nib pen and brush. The manual is well-illustrated. And also includes the works of the students of the Ukrainian Polygraphic Institute.

1991, 155 pages, illustrated

Nikolay Taranov is a participant of International Calligraphic Exhibition. Watch his works here.

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