Slavonic Writing and Culture Day

Slavonic Writing and Culture Day

Slavonic Writing and Culture Day is celebrated every year on the 24th of May on Kiril and Mephodiy Remembrance Day, the fathers of Slavonic writing. For several years this holiday has been uniting Slavonic peoples reminding them of the indissoluble historical bonds.

Kirill and Mephodiy were brothers, monks of the Orthodox Church. Kirill was younger and before entering into religion was called Constantine. It is known that for his intellect and knowledge he got the nickname Philosopher (The Wise).

They invented Slavonic writing in the 9th century in a Greek monastery in about 862. The alphabet was based on the Greek one and got the name “Kirillitsa” – in Kirill’s honour. Thus, two alphabets appeared – “Glagolitsa” and “Kirillitsa”.

Solemn observance of St. Kirill and Mephodiy’s Remembrance was established in 1863. In Russia Slavonic Writing and Culture Day has been celebrated since 1896. Since 1991, according to Resolution of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RF №586-1, it has got the status of a state holiday. It is not a rest-day, but all over the country festivals and concerts take place. Every year the holiday is celebrated in one of the Russian cities. Host cities were Kostroma, Vladimir, Voronezh, Samara, Murmansk, Yaroslavl, Belgorod, Moscow, Novgorod, Smolensk, Ryazan, Oryol, Kaluga, Novosibirsk and Pskov. Here are some words from the speech of Sergiy, a metropolitan of Voronezh and Borisoglebsk, on the occasion of observance:

“This day is the beginning of the national statehood of civilized Russia, the day of our grateful memory. It reminds us about the sense of human life. Slavonic peoples, and first of all Russian, could reach the outstanding results in all spheres of human life thanks to the New Testament and Orthodox traditions, thanks to human cultivation of his own abilities and creation of his inner world. Today we bend our heads with gratitude before the feat of our fathers who created this wonderful world for us…”.

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