The Project Team Meeting

On October 24th the Project team gathered together. The project initiator Alexey Shaburov put an emphasis on the popularity of the exhibition in St. Petersburg. By the way, you can see for yourself if you visit the Reports section of the exhibition home page.

The Project Team Meeting The Project Team

It is highly symbolic that the meeting was held at the place where the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy will be opened and the Mystery of World Calligraphy exhibition will be introduced less than in two months’ time. Burning candles indicating the imaginary boundaries of the exhibition stands reminded us that joint effort and sincere devotion of the team members can bring to reality anything that seemed ethereal, once you really want and try to do it.

The Project Team Meeting The Project Team

You can look at the photos from the meeting in our gallery.

Source: International Exhibition of Calligraphy

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