Tales of the Kokvitskaya Mountain (Museum of Cutting Boards) - our new member from the Komi Republic

A magical cutting board, with the year "1913" carved on it, was found in an old Komi house. This cutting board has its own story and its own tale. When people started to cut food on this board, the food soaked up all the happiness that had been shared on it. That's how the cutting board suggested what to do with the house.

Today, there are more than 150 boards in the collection, coming from the Komi Republic and other regions of Russia, as well as from near and distant foreign countries. Each cutting board has its own story.

The museum is located in the Komi Republic, Ust-Vymsky district, Ezholty village, Building 81.

The museum was founded by Gennady Evgenyevich Markovsky.

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