Presentation of a New Sokolniki MEC Project: Building a Beautiful and Healthy Society through Calligraphy

On February 15th, the presentation of a new MEC Sokolniki project officially launched the International Exhibition of Calligraphy featuring a Mobile Museum of Calligraphy, seminars and master classes. Besides, the visitors of the exhibition will have an opportunity to see the project catalogue containing the works of the masters of calligraphy. The exhibition will be held on September 16-21, 2008 in St Petersburg, on October 3-6 in Rostov-on-Don, and on November 18-21 in the Russian State Duma in Moscow.

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Professional calligraphers from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, artists, parliamentarians, leading newspaper reporters, TV crews, and Sokolniki MEC business partners attended the presentation. The opening ceremony was attended by Anatoly Karpov, a chess world champion, whose kind words warmed the hearts of the project team and the visitors of the presentation. Professional calligraphers got excited by the fact that there are still some people who want to restore forgotten art and made some suggestions on the project development. «For 30 years we have been dreaming about this meeting. This project is a gift for our souls. Uniting us, Sokolniki MEC is stimulating restoration of national calligraphy», said the masters.

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A new quality of life is not just possible, but quite real. Sokolniki MEC does not force the project up, but attracts young talented people of various professions to discuss the possibility of building a beautiful and healthy society.

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