Classical music evening in the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy

On 27th of February, the sonatas of Viennese classics, V.A. Mozart and J. Gaydn, were performed in the Contemporary Museum of calligraphy. As Stendal puts it, the enchantment of Gaydn consists in the fact that the freedom and joy are dominating in his creation. His joy is spontaneous, natural, clear, invincible and constant. Gaydn and Mozart were the authors of a new instrumental music. They were the first who demonstrated us the art in its unprecedented brilliance, with a great love and profound sadness.

The chamber concert of classical music included the violin solo of Galina Skobeleva, artist of the orchestra of K.S. Stanislavsky and Vl. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre and the piano chords of Mikhail Buzin, soloist of the “Kymatic” ensemble of new meditative music.

The main feature of the concert was the fact that it has been followed by a lecture. Galina Skobeleva talked in an accessible way for everyone about the specifics of the epoch, in the course of which the work was created, of the composer who has performed any given masterpiece. In this way, she prepared the inexperienced spectators for the right music perception. The classical music performers are in a certain way intermediaries between the composer and listeners, transmitting by their skills all the concepts that inspired the author some time ago to create his work. It should be noted that such evenings of classical music are gradually generating the level of culture of our spectators, especially the young spectators, who are capable to understand the more complex classical works in the future.

It is impossible to express all the positive emotions got by the spectators this evening: “talking about music is like dancing about architecture”. As opposed to pop or rock music where every listener is becoming one with the other crowd of the spectators, displaying a collective surge of emotions, the classical music concert is approaching separately to each listener. Therefore, the chamber hall of the Museum is in the best possible way convenient for a qualitative music listening. Every person who wished could either listen to the masterpieces of the classical music or watch the art works from the calligraphy masters from all over the world.

We would like to wish Galina and Mikhail new creative achievements, excellent debuts and such wonderful concerts to be held more frequently. Dear listeners, be happy to listen the masterpieces of the classics!

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