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LTD Vek+ - International Calligraphic Exhibition

For 10 years LTD Vek+ has assisted the jewellery shops, salons and jewellery manufacturers in attracting the customers and finding new clients. New designer’s ideas and high quality of showcases make business much more efficient and a shop or salon more interesting and attractive for clients.

Customers are usually particular about the jewellery which they buy either for themselves or their family. A poorly-dressed showcase can discourage potential clients. Salesmanship is also a kind of art, especially if we speak about jewellery. As for exclusive jewellery pieces, the showcases are to pinpoint the quality of good not screening it.

As a professional manufacturer of showcases, jewel packaging and jewellery store interior, Vek+ is always eager to help the clients make the most of salesroom, think out the details and necessary additions. Its experience and advice will make the purchase effective and serve as a clients“ warrant.

The basis for the shop window collection is the idea expressed in plastics of lines and proportions. The company’s designers seek perfection in harmonious combination of traditional and contemporary art styles with the newest materials and technologies.

LTD Vek+ presents a wider range of finishing material like velour or imitation leather. Besides, optionally a client can order a finishing with high-quality leather.

LTD Vek+ is:

  • High quality production.
  • Shop windows and showcases for jewellery shops.
  • Design and decoration of shop windows and showcases.
  • Over 500 types of standard products.
  • Jewellery, flatware and souvenir boxes.
  • Custom design of any complexity (shape, size, combination of colour and material). Wide range of colour pallette and finishing material.
  • Expert’s/specialist’s visit.
  • Shortest time.
  • Delivery around Russia.
  • Best price/quality ratio.
  • After-sales services.

15 Nikitina Str., Kovrov 601900, Russia
Tel.:   +7 49232 2 18 54, 2 17 33
Fax:  +7 49232 2 17 33

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