Naritasan Calligraphy museum

Naritasan Calligraphy museum This museum, located on the hill at the rear of the main buildings at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple, in Naritasan Park, is of a rare type, as it is a composite special museum of calligraphy. About 250 fine works of modern calligraphy are collected and displayed there. Most of them are from the end of the Yedo Period (1603 - 1867) to the present. The museum is the base of preservation, study, and diffusion of modern Japanese calligraphy. Excellent works that are too modern to be thought of as important by some and would therefore be missed, are on display.

Naritasan Park and Calligraphy Museum
Tel: 0476(22)2111/0476(24)0774
About a 20-minute walk along Omote-Sando Street from JR Narita Station.

Closed on Mondays and at the end of the year.


距开幕只剩 1416 days