Vera Chesnokova

Вера Чеснокова - ученица Петра Чобитько



She was born in Syktyvkar in 1978.
In 1999 she graduated from the Syktyvkar Art School.
In 2007 she graduated from the Baron Stieglitz St Petersburg State Academy of Applied and Decorative Arts and Design, the Department of Environment Design.
“When I was a third-year student I attended Petr Chobitko’s lessons of calligraphy in my Academy. Unfortunately, his course lasted for only one semester. Then I got interested in calligraphy. After graduating from the Academy I entered Chobitko’s School of Calligraphy”.

About calligraphy:

Calligraphy gives a strong creative impetus, a possibility to improve oneself and to develop, to make some headway. When I practice calligraphy I feel happy. I am interested not only in the result but also in the process. The process of writing for me is a sort of meditation, a possibility to feel harmony with the environment. Calligraphy brings joy from the time when you take a fountain pen or a brush into your hands. If I fail, I am pleased with the process itself; if I succeed, I am pleased with the process and the result.

I am convinced that calligraphy is necessary not only to each artist but to each human being. It helps people discover new abilities in themselves and teach them to see something new in the environment.


Vera Chesnokova Vera Chesnokova
Vera Chesnokova Vera Chesnokova
Vera Chesnokova  
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