The Usefulness of calligraphy

Calligraphy is the art of harmonic and neat handwriting. In the East they consider calligraphy to be a means of self-improvement. Calligraphy disciplines and organizes a human being allowing him to develop his abilities and skills. Calligraphic studies discover a new space of harmonious lines, signs and letter images…Calligraphy can help people to overcome psychological and physical defects.

As for me, calligraphy started with overcoming my own laziness. Laziness is a huge problem for modern people, to my view; it is determined by ill time-management. Everyday calligraphic studies (15-30 minutes) can organize the whole day and structure all daily business and manage time rationally.

Calligraphy develops patience. It is an easy matter to do even simple exercises like drawing a straight line, fill the paper’s surface with calligraphic ornaments and accomplish what one has begun. It is even more difficult to imagine the eventual image of what one has composed. Calligraphy allows a person to look deep inside oneself and develop one′s perceptual unity.

When calligraphy is an integral part of life the beauty of the world and simple things that surround us seems brighter and richer. A person feels the need for self-improvement and involves other people into the fine harmonious world of art. Calligraphic studies bring joy to creative activity and other spheres of life. The pleasure of creation can not be compared with anything else, for by making something beautiful and new an artist enlarges all the good in the world.

Calligraphy is important and useful especially in the conditions of modern life. I am sure that self-improvement by means of calligraphy can help people change their lives for the better.

Dina Abdullova,
student of the Department of Art Criticism and Culturology of
St Petersburg State Academy of Decorative and Applied Art and Design,
Student of the School of Calligraphy
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