My Calligraphy

My CalligraphyMy Calligraphy


It accompanies us everyday, everywhere. Even if we never heard about calligraphy and even if we do not write with a pen, it is still with us. The whole of life is calligraphy in itself. We create our life by inscribing the days into the “life tape”. Man’s inner harmony depends on whether we write gently or madly, smashingly or quietly, bitter or sweet…

Maybe, if people spared 15 minutes everyday to stop and write something beautiful, our lives would become happier and much easier!

Life! We have habits, they are usually pernicious habits.

It is a pity, but a harmonious script can be hardly met even in a book store. A good book is a rare thing, and a book with a good font and nice illustrations is almost impossible.

Calligraphy is in itself an illustration. A neat beautiful letter can decorate any book and fill it with meaning.

A book is a luxury. In Europe in the 18-19 centuries a book was a symbol of prosperity; it was a home decoration.

I hope that a new fashion will only deepen the beautiful art of calligraphy.

Maria Pandelli (Mefodieva)    


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