Graphology - Psychology of signature

Lately various techniques of adjusting personal traits of character have been spreading lately. One of such technique is graphotherapy : exercises of sketching, writing and painting, sometimes using music in order to realize and in future to undesirable traits.

The term “graphotherapy” is a rare one. It can be used in the context of psychic mechanism of self-cure highly efficient in literary activity.  

Besides interesting link between “character-writing” reverse link “writing-character” exists too . Those people who consciously change their writings change themselves researches prove the fact. Change in writings doesn’t lead to personality unification: its major signs expressed in writing are preserved in any conditions. Aristotle wrote: “Since there don’t exist two identically speaking persons, there are no identically writing persons either”.

Graphotherapy being one of adjusting personality technique has every chance to become popular. Even today many specialists offer unique programs based on the main principles of graphotherapy. This technique is used as widely as common therapy is. 

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