Graphopathy, graphocramp and logocramp

Graphology - Psyhology of signature

Graphopathy is a writing pathology, certain psychic and intellectual  dysfunctions, neurosis, haunting conditions, discovered in writing activity. Those who suffer from this dysfunction is called “graphopat”.

It’s a relatively way-out field with no any term claiming the phenomenon. Graphopathy is often mixed with graphomania that’s not true. Graphomaniac – is a person obsessed with writing, graphopat don’t write so much but his writings are mainly negative. For instance, in the Soviet period reclamations, denunciation, intrigues were a common thing. No matter what could be a subject of denunciation. A specific “genre” of graphopathy are reclamations to housing offices, and for neighbors in multifamily unit.

Nowadays there’re many examples of graphopathy in Internet:  in blogs, forums and in personal correspondence. These can be rhymes appropriate or not, complicated terminology, bad words – often repeated … One of typical attributes of graphopathy is abstract communication, universal wishes and demands without any correspondence with the author’s individuality.

In ordinary life graphopat can be quiet an adequate person. Nevertheless, every time when it comes to writing communication the situation turns into drastically opposite. It’s probably connected with indirect form of communication that is letter.

So what does term “graphocramp” mean?  Graphocramp is a dysfunction of psychic mechanism of writing, writing disorder. This term very rarely can be met in the field of physical hand muscles disease connected with the process of writing (“writing convulsion”).

In a psychic sense of word graphocramp is disability to write anything even if one wants or needs it .

Such phenomenon as “logocramp” means “disappearance” of essential words, thoughts, terms,   hitchy and vain memory effort.

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